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Rental Gun Fees

(3) Gun exchanges for $15.00
(1) Gun for $10.00

People use this feature to try out potential new purchases, practice without having to clean up, to avoid wear and tear, or just to try something new.  How much time does it take you to clean your gun?  Let us do it for you through our rental program!

Our Rental Firearms Include:
-Heckler & Koch (HK)
– Glock
– Colt 1911 style pistols
– Sig Sauer
– Smith and Wesson
– Beretta
– .22 caliber pistols
– .38/.357 revolvers in a variety of sizes
– .44 magnum (Dirty Harry would love this place!)
– .22 Rifle

(Please note that specific rental firearms may not always be available)