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Junior Marksmanship

Are you concerned about your curious youth discovering your guns?
You can solve their curiosity ahead of time with proper education! Have you thought about training your son or daughter to be a safe shooter? The shooting discipline is one of the safest sports in the united states! 

Could your child benefit from the knowledge and experience of being a marksman?
Yes, specialized youth firearms training is available in the orange county area!

 The Orange County Junior Marksmanship Program offers:
– Free classroom instruction and safety training

– Safety through knowledge for youth (and parents) regarding youth firearms usage.
– A chance to explore the marksman discipline in a controlled environment.

 For your first visit:
– For everyone’s safety, youth should be ages 9 and up.
– We meet at 8:00am on the 2nd and 4th saturday of every month.
– We met at Evan’s Gunsmithing Shooters World at 1637 N. Brian, Orange, CA
– Classes run until approx. 11:00am
– Our classroom sessions are completely free
– After classrooms training is complete, youth are invited to our regular marksmanship sessions.
– Details regarding the ongoing marksmanship program are available at the range.

For more details call:
Benjamin Rockwell

(949) 933-5404

Dan Benson
(714) 871-9808