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At Evan’s Gunsmithing, we have 2 full-time gunsmiths, certified armorers with Smith and Wesson, Glock, Colt and several more. We do everything from simple cleaning to deep cleaning, major repairs or customizing of your pistol or rifle. We are the only licensed California Assault weapons dealer and repair facility to trust, for your registered assault weapons, law enforcement assault weapons and bullet buttoned AR’s.

Evans’ Gunsmithing skills are nationally known for expertise, craftsmanship, as well as a love for the gun. Evans’ Gunsmithing experience includes customizations for Federal, State, and local agencies in a wide variety of guns, especially in the important area of Assault rifles.

Your customization requirements can be met through the skilled staff of EGSW.

Contact us immediately with your custom requirements for your guns.

Additionally, repair of most guns can be handled by the skilled staff of Evan’s. EGSW also handles inspection, repair and the restoration of old firearms, returning a family heirloom to working status for passing on to future generations of your family.

– Custom finishing                           – Bluing

– Night sights                                    – Stock Repair

– Accurizing                                        – 1911 Accurizing
– Rifle precision accurizing            – Sizing of weapons to fit shooters

It should be noted that we are proud to be Americans, and we love to help our clients. We have the  experience to resolve your gun problems!

Turn around time 2-4 weeks. Cleanings $40-$80 per weapon. Sight Installation $45 for standard installation including test fire $80 per hour for weapon repair.

Contact us today for your repair or upgrade, or just to see what your gun is worth.